Best of #ifevolutionweretrue on Twitter

You’ve got to love the #ifevolutionweretrue hashtag on Twitter. Invented by creationist tweeter @UndyingTruth, the aim is for creationists to use it to challenge the theory of evolution with a series of ‘how come?’ style questions. Of course, it’s yet another opportunity for creationsts to show their puzzlement and bafflement towards science. I’ve picked out … [Read more…]

Back from Lisbon, Portugal. Bible hidden!

I’ve just got back from a trip to Lisbon, capital city of Portugal. Despite their economic problems and a ridiculously strong Euro (which is almost on par with sterling) I had a thoroughly enjoyable time, with many notable highlights. Day one was spent largely at Lisbon Zoo. I’m not sure what they put in the … [Read more…]

‘Stand Againt Vaccinations’ Facebook group gets busy after ‘upgrade’

For awhile now, I’ve been an admin of the “Stand Against Vaccinations..Find Out the TRUTH” group on Facebook. It was founded as an anti-vaccine group, a place where people could spew misinformation that puts their own an other people’s children at risk. Various members were also pushing homeopathy, chiropractic and various other quack treatments, even … [Read more…]

The referendum on AV approaches

Here in the UK, we are being given an historic opportunity to vote in a referendum on the Alternative Vote (AV) this Thursday, May 5th. It will decide how our MPs are elected in future, and the result will determine whether they are elected with AV or if First Past The Post (FPTP) is retained. … [Read more…]

Complaining to the ASA and Trading Standards made easy with FishBarrel from Simon Perry

The Internet is chock-full of quacks advertising their shoddy wares and practices. Since March, the remit of the Advertising Standards Agency has been extended to cover Internet advertising, with group like the Nightingale Collaboration co-coordinating efforts to report false claims in advertising. Now, the genius Simon Perry of the Leicester Skeptics has come up with … [Read more…]