‘Stand Againt Vaccinations’ Facebook group gets busy after ‘upgrade’

Stand against vaccinationsFor awhile now, I’ve been an admin of the “Stand Against Vaccinations..Find Out the TRUTH” group on Facebook. It was founded as an anti-vaccine group, a place where people could spew misinformation that puts their own an other people’s children at risk. Various members were also pushing homeopathy, chiropractic and various other quack treatments, even chelation therapy. At some point, all the admins left, so a pro-vaxxer saw the opportunity and took it over, making myself an admin. We removed the censorship and posted some sensible advice to counteract the anecdotes being spouted by the antivaxxers.

Due to Facebook constantly meddling with their own website, I’ve had to ‘upgrade’ it from the classic old style group to the new style. I was pretty wary about doing this, as I’ve found myself in ‘new’ groups without being asked, before having my inbox bombarded with emails every time someone posts anything in the group. So after upgrading, I did indeed find plenty of emails from the group, but I was very surprised by the quantity! The upgrade has encouraged plenty of people from both camps to leave their comments on the group.

Although I’m happy that more people are getting involved in the group, I’m not sure about a couple of changes. Firstly, the posts are now ordered by the date of the last comment, rather than the date of the original post, so it can look like people’s posts are being deleted as they get quickly pushed down the page. However, far more annoying is the fact that when commenting, hitting enter causes you to post! Other people have reported problems with posting links too, so hopefully Facebook can iron out these bugs before too long. Happy posting people!

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