Complaining to the ASA and Trading Standards made easy with FishBarrel from Simon Perry

The Internet is chock-full of quacks advertising their shoddy wares and practices. Since March, the remit of the Advertising Standards Agency has been extended to cover Internet advertising, with group like the Nightingale Collaboration co-coordinating efforts to report false claims in advertising. Now, the genius Simon Perry of the Leicester Skeptics has come up with a tool to make both ASA and Trading Standards complaints much easier. It’s called FishBarrel, and it’s a plugin for Google Chrome (another reason to get Chrome!) which can be downloaded from Simon’s website “Adventure’s in Nonsense“. If you’ve already got Chrome you can install it here. It can automatically fill in complaints forms for you, as well as tell you if a complaint has already been made. Simon gives a full explanation in the tutorial video below.

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