Homeopathy back on the NHS on the Wirral?

A few months ago, the Wirral Primary Care Trust (PCT) made the extremely reasonable decision to cease funding for homeopathy. This was done at a meeting of the Professional Executive Committee (PEC), which followed a public consultation (which I attended). John Cook of Northwest Friends of Homeopathy presented the case for homeopathy in both the … [Read more…]

I’m on the Pod Delusion again!

I’m happy to say that I’ve made it onto the Pod Delusion again, this time appearing on the same show as Neil deGrasse Tyson no less! Following on from Bethany Jenkins’ piece about being a Christian and a skeptic, I thought I’d contribute my thoughts about who can be a skeptic, and what it takes … [Read more…]

Listen to Skeptics With A K!

I thought I’d give a plug to one of my favourite podcasts, Skeptics With a K (or SWAK for short). Hosts and Merseyside Skeptics Society members Mike Hall, Michael “Marsh” Marshall and Colin Harris examine the latest issues in the skeptical world, which can include anything from religion, science, alternative medicine and paranormal bullshit to … [Read more…]

Why humans are more important than other animals

In my previous post, I commented on Morrissey’s disgraceful comparison of the victims of the recent terror attacks in Norway to animals killed for consumption in fast food restaurants. I thought that the egregiousness of this comparison, and the concept that humans are more important than other animals was self evident. Apparently not. My comments … [Read more…]

Complaining to the ASA and Trading Standards made easy with FishBarrel from Simon Perry

The Internet is chock-full of quacks advertising their shoddy wares and practices. Since March, the remit of the Advertising Standards Agency has been extended to cover Internet advertising, with group like the Nightingale Collaboration co-coordinating efforts to report false claims in advertising. Now, the genius Simon Perry of the Leicester Skeptics has come up with … [Read more…]

Thank you Portsmouth Skeptics!

Last Thursday I was very kindly invited to Portsmouth to give my talk on the scientific method to the Portsmouth ‘Skeptics in the Pub’ group. I had a great time, and I think that the subject matter certainly got people talking. I’d like to thank everyone who was very welcoming, my ‘test subjects’ during the … [Read more…]

Are YOU a skeptic?

I’ve considered myself to be a skeptic for over a year now, and although I’m very new to the movement, one thing does strike me about it: there seems to be a lack of skeptical outreach, or if you will, ‘skeptical evangelism’. I would really love to see a concerted effort from within the skeptical … [Read more…]

Ghosts and the scope of skepticism

With Andy Russell, I seem to have gotten in a little hot water with Hayley Stevens over a rather ill thought out and throwaway comment I made in my QEDcon review: (ghosts don’t exist, move on) Hayley, if you are reading this I’d like to apologise for the above comment. I know that you do … [Read more…]