I’m on the Pod Delusion again!

Pod DelusionI’m happy to say that I’ve made it onto the Pod Delusion again, this time appearing on the same show as Neil deGrasse Tyson no less! Following on from Bethany Jenkins’ piece about being a Christian and a skeptic, I thought I’d contribute my thoughts about who can be a skeptic, and what it takes to be one. In my opinion, anyone can be a skeptic. You don’t need to sign anything or commit your life to an institution!

I also believe that you can be a skeptic and believe in irrational things, but you should at least be able to recognise when you are being irrational. For example, I’m a football fan and I’ve got this daft belief that it’s unlucky for me to wear my Norwich shirt when they are playing, unless I’m watching the match. Now I know that my belief is total irrational nonsense, but I still do it! I know some people will disagree with me, but I think you can pick and choose what you are skeptical about. Who has the right to say otherwise? Anyway, enough of my rambling, check out the latest Pod Delusion!

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