Listen to Skeptics With A K!

I thought I’d give a plug to one of my favourite podcasts, Skeptics With a K (or SWAK for short). Hosts and Merseyside Skeptics Society members Mike Hall, Michael “Marsh” Marshall and Colin Harris examine the latest issues in the skeptical world, which can include anything from religion, science, alternative medicine and paranormal bullshit to … [Read more…]

Why humans are more important than other animals

In my previous post, I commented on Morrissey’s disgraceful comparison of the victims of the recent terror attacks in Norway to animals killed for consumption in fast food restaurants. I thought that the egregiousness of this comparison, and the concept that humans are more important than other animals was self evident. Apparently not. My comments … [Read more…]

Morrissey is an idiot who is out of touch with reality

Ex-Smiths front man Morrissey has been courting controversy once again. Following on from last week’s horrific events in Norway in which 76 people were killed, he decided to address the crowd at a gig in Warsaw on Sunday with these words: “We all live in a murderous world, as the events in Norway have shown, … [Read more…]

A Homeopathy Survey and a Skeptic Version

Poor homeopaths, they aren’t feeling too well as of late. The ASA has given them an ultimatum to sort their websites out and the 10:23 campaign thwarted their “Let People Choose” campaign by pre-empting it with their own “Let People Choose” website, dispelling the fallacy of allowing homeopathy on the NHS as a matter of consumer … [Read more…]

Easily follow Norwich City fans on Twitter!

I’ve come up with something for Norwich City fans: a Twitter Autofollower. If you register for the service, it will follow people who tweet #yellowarmy and #ncfc for you. So far it’s generated over 47,000 followings. It’s possible that I could do something similar for skeptics, I suppose.

The News of the World are deplorable

I can’t express how angry I am with the News of the World right now. It seems like the whole country is furious with them, and with perfectly good reason. According to a Guardian report, their reporters hacked into Milly Dowler’s voicemail, presumably in order to hear messages from distraught friends and family. When the … [Read more…]