A Homeopathy Survey and a Skeptic Version

Water dropPoor homeopaths, they aren’t feeling too well as of late. The ASA has given them an ultimatum to sort their websites out and the 10:23 campaign thwarted their “Let People Choose” campaign by pre-empting it with their own “Let People Choose” website, dispelling the fallacy of allowing homeopathy on the NHS as a matter of consumer choice.

So now, they have set up a public SurveyMonkey survey on homeopathy, most probably in an effort to get data to support their position. However, because it’s an open survey, various skeptics have filled it in, telling the homeopaths what they need to hear and even attempting to correct some of their fallacious questions. Given their track record of abandoning projects when it becomes clear they are not going their way (“Let People Choose” is an obvious example), I wouldn’t be surprised if the survey disappears and the homeopaths attempt to quietly sweep it under the rug. Therefore, I’ve decided to set up my own SurveyMonkey account, and I’ve pretty much duplicated their survey. I invite everyone (including skeptics and homeopaths) to fill in my version of the survey, and I will release the results in early August. Whereas all the clever skeptical comments entered into their survey will doubtless be thrown into the ether, I will preserve the comments in my version for posterity!