It’s World Homeopathy Awareness Week!

The week of April 10th-16th sees the World Homeopathy Awareness Organization hold it’s World Homeopathy Awareness Week, so I thought I’d do my bit. People need to be aware that homeopathy doesn’t work, as various systematic reviews of it have shown. Not only that, it couldn’t possibly work, as homeopathic ‘remedies’ above 12C contain no active ingredient. Any benefits that people see from homeopathy can usually be easily explained by the placebo effect or regression to the mean. It can even kill if used in place of conventional medicine. So please, support World Homeopathy Awareness Week by being aware of homeopathy, and don’t use it.


  1. Well done
    I congradulate for your efforts
    I will be starting an online homoeopathy course free of charge for the time being
    wish you all the sucess
    Thank you

    Dr T C Peiris MD(MS),FRCH(Lond)

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