Lib Dem councillor promoting homeopathy and ear candling in Manchester

This Saturday morning (April 2nd) sees a Holistic Health Fair come to the Levenshulme Inspire Centre in south Manchester. A variety of bunkum will be on show, including reiki, ear candling, and of course, homeopathy. Homeopathy needs no introduction from myself (I’ve already given my take on it here) but I’ve not mentioned reiki or … [Read more…]

Review of THE 9-11 Conspiracy Debate at MMU

Last night saw THE Conpiracy Debate (their title, not mine) at the Manchester Metropolitan University.  Despite being billed as a general debate on conspiracy theories, it focused pretty much exclusively on the terrorist attacks of September 11th 2001. The belligerents were the be-suited Steve from the 9/11 Truth group “We Are Change Manchester” (WAC) and … [Read more…]

THE Conspiracy Debate in Manchester tonight!

Now, this should be very interesting. In Manchester tonight, GMSS, We Are Change Manchester, and New Internationalist Magazine are holding a debate on conspiracy theories. Judging from their Facebook event page, 9/11 and the moon landings are up for discussion, but hopefully much more will be covered. I’ve always been interested in conspiracy theories (not … [Read more…]

A chance to question NHS Wirral Primary Care Trust on homeopathy

Well, this could be an interesting event. At rather short notice, the NHS Wirral Primary Care Trust are to hold a public meeting this Wednesday March 6th at 6:30pm in the Old Market House on Hamilton Street, Birkenhead. There they will discuss a recommendation made by their Professional Executive Committee (PEC) to discontinue Homeopathic Services … [Read more…]

BHA’s Census Campaign hits Liverpool buses

Whilst out and about in Liverpool today, I spied a few much-anticipated adverts for the BHA’s Census Campaign on the sides of a few buses. It’s always great to see humanist causes championed, but immediately I noticed something wrong. Rather than the snappy, humorous phrase on their website: If you’re not religious, for God’s sake … [Read more…]