Ghosts and the scope of skepticism

With Andy Russell, I seem to have gotten in a little hot water with Hayley Stevens over a rather ill thought out and throwaway comment I made in my QEDcon review: (ghosts don’t exist, move on) Hayley, if you are reading this I’d like to apologise for the above comment. I know that you do … [Read more…]

Antivaxxers attempt a scientific survey and fail

An oft-repeated chant of the antivax brigade is that the MMR vaccine causes autism. Of course, this link has been debunked in countless studies, including a Danish study which compared 400,000 vaccinated children to 100,000 unvaccinated children and found no difference in the autism rate between the two groups. Unsatisfied, some antivaxxers try to move … [Read more…]

Reflections on QEDcon

Well, what on Earth can I say to convey my thoughts on QEDcon? It was an amazing weekend for so many reasons. The speakers, the events, the organisation, the venue, everything contributed to an experience that all who were there will never forget. I’d like to sincerely thank everyone involved for such a great time! … [Read more…]