Antivaxxers attempt a scientific survey and fail

An oft-repeated chant of the antivax brigade is that the MMR vaccine causes autism. Of course, this link has been debunked in countless studies, including a Danish study which compared 400,000 vaccinated children to 100,000 unvaccinated children and found no difference in the autism rate between the two groups.

Unsatisfied, some antivaxxers try to move the goalposts, claiming that completely unvaccinated children are healthier than vaccinated. In an attempt to get some data to support this claim, the website has set up an online survey. Clearly, anonymous data submitted to a website has no scientific validity, and now you have the chance to show the antivax community why.

I’ve made my own small contribution by filling out the form myself. According to their records, there exists a child in the UK by the name of “Steggles X. Williamson”. This child has never been vaccinated, only treated with homeopathy, but has pretty much every disease and neurological disorder you can think of. He can’t even sit still for Barney the Dinosaur. I invite everyone reading this to flood the form with silly data, much like you would crash a creationist poll. A couple of minutes of creative fun for you, a headache for the antivaxxers!

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