Ep36 – Russell Blackford – Skeptic Canary Show

In this episode, broadcasting live here on Wednesday December 4th at 7pm, your regular hosts will be joined by writer and philosopher Russell Blackford to talk about his latest book, 50 Great Myths About Atheism. As always, if you have any questions for Russell or any of the presenters, you can ask them via Twitter or email tom at skepticcanary.com. Watch the show live here from 7pm GMT!

50 Great Myths About Atheism

Ep35 – Guy Chapman – Skeptic Canary Show

For this week’s show we are joined by Guy Chapman to chat about alternative medicine, quackbusting and of course the erstwhile publication “What Doctors Don’t Tell You”. Join us live here from 7pm on Wednesday November 27th 2013.

If you have any questions for Guy or any of the presenters, you can email us (tom at skepticcanary.com) or get in touch via Twitter.

Guy’s blahg: http://www.chapmancentral.co.uk/blahg/

Ep34 – Return of the King – Skeptic Canary Show

This Wednesday sees the Skeptic Canary Show welcome it’s first ever returning guest. Ben King of the Grime and Reason blog, who first appeared in Episode 4, will join your regular hosts to talk skepticism, politics and economics. Join us live here from 7pm GMT on Wednesday November 20th!

If you have questions for Ben or any of the presenters, on any topic, you can get in touch with the show via Twitter or email tom at skepticcanary.com.

Grime and Reason blog

Manchester Union Flag fail is Union Whack

As you may know, I’m a bit of a flag fan. An amateur vexillologist, if you will. Therefore I’m always on the look out for any flag stories, and an absolute cracker occured recently in Manchester. The BBC reports that on Remembrance Sunday, Manchester City Council managed to fly a Union Flag, that was, well, just slightly unusual. They had somehow managed to get the diagonal stripes the wrong way round, giving the appearance of a psychadelic TIE fighter. I’ve replicated the flag below.


Always ahead of the curve, my Skeptic Canary Show cohost David James became a bit of a fan of the design, and got a T-shirt printed featuring the flag in question. He took us all by surprise by revealing the shirt live on the latest show!

David has shown an entrepenaurial streak. He’s christened the design “Union Whack” (I love the name!) and made it available on both Zazzle and Cafe Press. Enjoy!

The Union Whack T-shirt on Zazzle

The Union Whack on Cafe Press


Ep33 – Josephine Schuppang from Berlin Skeptics – Skeptic Canary Show

You may remember that we tried to do a live link up from Berlin a few weeks ago. Well, Josephine from Berlin Skeptics has agreed to join your regular hosts Tom Williamson and David James, with rouge host Alex J Brown, to talk about skepticism in Germany! As usual, you can get your questions in to the show via Twitter or by email (I’m tom at skepticcanary.com). We hope you can join us here at 7pm on Wednesday November 13th!

Berlin Skeptics

Ep32 – The Takeover Show! – Skeptic Canary Show

While “The Canary” is away, the kids will play! Tom Williamson can’t make the show this week, so David James and Paul Hopwood have been left to play with the skeptical Lego on their own.

But being the good toy sharers they are, Alex Brown and Shaun Sellars will be joining them to talk about all manor of things. Including What Doctors Don’t Tell You, The newly formed Lincoln Skeptics in the Pub, The QED confrence and more!

Hope you can join us!

Ep31 – Stevyn Colgan – The Skeptic Canary Show

Stevyn ColganJoin your usual hosts Tom Williamson and David James, with rouge guest host Alex Brown, as they talk to Stevyn Colgan. Attendees of QEDcon and various skeptic groups may recognise Stevyn as “The Skeptical Bobby”, as he is currently on tour with his talk about skeptical policing. Stevyn is also a writer, artist and QI elf!

If you’d like to ask a question before or during the show, you can do so via Twitter, or email tom at skepticcanary dot com. The show starts right here at the usual time, Wednesday at 7pm.

Stevyn Colgan’s website


Ep30 – Dodgy Doctors – Skeptic Canary Show

Join your regular hosts David James, Paul Hopwood and Tom Williamson here at 7pm, Wednesday 23rd of October for a chat about the skeptical issues of the day. We’ll be talking about David’s experiences with the ex-Doctor Andrew Wakefield, Lynne McTaggart of “What Doctors Don’t Tell You” honorary PhD, and whatever else we fancy talking about! You can get in contact with the show on Twitter (@skepticCanary) or via email, tom at skepticcanary.com