Ep46 – Brian Deer – Skeptic Canary Show

The Skeptic Canary Show returns next Wednesday March 12th at 7pm GMT. Your regular hosts will be joined by none other than Brian Deer, the award-winning investigative journalist whose vast body of work includes a series of investigations into one Andrew Wakefield that eventually lead to the ex-doctor being struck off the medical register by the GMC.

We will be asking Brian Deer questions about many of his investigations (we won’t just be talking about MMR!) so as usual we invite listeners to submit their questions via email to tom at skepticcanary.com and via Twitter. See you here at 7pm!

Ep45 – Kevin Friery – Skeptic Canary Show

At 7pm this Wednesday your hosts will be joined here by Kevin Friery. Kevin works in mental health, so that will be the main show topic. We will also be talking about psychology and various areas of skepticism. As always, you can get your questions in to the show via Twitter or email tom at skepticcanary.com. We look forward to welcoming you right here from 7 on Wednesday!

Ep44 – Dan Fincke – Skeptic Canary Show


Join us this Wednesday February 19th at 7pm GMT as we are joined by Dan Fincke from Camels with Hammers and Empowerment Ethics to chat about ethics, philosophy and science. Dan teaches philosophy classes online to the public. As always, you can get your questions in to the show via Twitter or by emailing tom at skepticcanary.com. We hope you can join us live here from 7!

Camels with Hammers

Ep42 – Michael Story – Skeptic Canary Show

Join your regular hosts this Wednesday at 7pm when they will be joined by social policy research postgrad and film maker Michael Story to chat about social policy and various aspects of skepticism. You can watch the show right here from 7pm this Wednesday January 29th, and don’t forget you can tweet your questions to the show @skepticcanary or email tom at skepticcanary.com. See you here from 7!


Ep41 – Ian Wilson – Skeptic Canary Show

Join your regular hosts this Wednesday January 22nd as they are joined by PhD student and science communications enthusiast Ian Wilson! Ian goes by the moniker “Science Gremlin” on Twitter and blogs about many aspects of science, including science’s changing relationship with religion. Don’t forget you can get in touch with the hosts any time during the show, just tweet at skepticCanary or use the hashtags #skepticcanaryshow or #canarychat. Alternatively, you can email tom at skepticcanary.com. See you here at 7!

Ian Wilson’s blog
Science Gremlin on Twitter

Ep39 – Looking forward and back – Skeptic Canary Show

It’s the first show of 2014, so your regular hosts will be looking back through their favourite moments of 2013, as well as looking forward to the year ahead. As always, viewers are welcome to contribute their favourite 2013 moments by tweeting @skepticcanary or by emailing tom at skepticcanary.com. You can watch the show live here at 7pm on Wednesday January 8th!

Ep38 – Jonny Scaramanga – The Skeptic Canary Show

This Wednesday at 7pm, join your hosts as they talk to Jonny Scaramanga. Jonny is a Bristol based musician who was raised as a Christian fundamentalist and then spent many of his formative years trying to separate creationist fiction from reality.

Jonny is currently writing a book on the subject and you can read his most excellent blog on the subject here.

Contact Tom via email at Tom [at] skepticcanary.com or on twitter at @skepticcanary with your questions.

Hope you enjoy the show!