Ep38 – Jonny Scaramanga – The Skeptic Canary Show

This Wednesday at 7pm, join your hosts as they talk to Jonny Scaramanga. Jonny is a Bristol based musician who was raised as a Christian fundamentalist and then spent many of his formative years trying to separate creationist fiction from reality.

Jonny is currently writing a book on the subject and you can read his most excellent blog on the subject here.

Contact Tom via email at Tom [at] skepticcanary.com or on twitter at @skepticcanary with your questions.

Hope you enjoy the show!

Ep32 – The Takeover Show! – Skeptic Canary Show

While “The Canary” is away, the kids will play! Tom Williamson can’t make the show this week, so David James and Paul Hopwood have been left to play with the skeptical Lego on their own.

But being the good toy sharers they are, Alex Brown and Shaun Sellars will be joining them to talk about all manor of things. Including What Doctors Don’t Tell You, The newly formed Lincoln Skeptics in the Pub, The QED confrence and more!

Hope you can join us!

Ep31 – Stevyn Colgan – The Skeptic Canary Show

Stevyn ColganJoin your usual hosts Tom Williamson and David James, with rouge guest host Alex Brown, as they talk to Stevyn Colgan. Attendees of QEDcon and various skeptic groups may recognise Stevyn as “The Skeptical Bobby”, as he is currently on tour with his talk about skeptical policing. Stevyn is also a writer, artist and QI elf!

If you’d like to ask a question before or during the show, you can do so via Twitter, or email tom at skepticcanary dot com. The show starts right here at the usual time, Wednesday at 7pm.

Stevyn Colgan’s website