Ep47 – AHS Student Special – Skeptic Canary Show

It’s a student special this week as Tom is joined by Chris Malburn from the University of Liverpool Humanists Society and Cloe Ansari from the South Bank Atheist Society to chat about the student humanist issues of the day. Watch the show live here from 7pm on Wednesday March 19th!

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  1. Chris says about 4 mins in about a debate they had: “we can offend people but should we?”

    I’d say that’s an fundamental misunderstanding of what being offended is. It is an active stance on the part of the offended party, not an action of the person speaking/writing.

    In other words it’s the adult equivalent of a child crying because it falls over and having had a look around decides there are enough people to make it worthwhile.

    The point is that you don’t decide whether you offend someone, they do, which makes it a nonsense, and a big fat zero on the reasonable response scale.


    As Journey didn’t sing “do stop believing…”

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