So what if 9-11 was a conspiracy?

George W Bush

Capable of a coverup?

Before I address the deliberately provocative title of this post, I’d like to let people know that the videos of the Conspiracy Debate at MMU are now available on We Are Change Manchester’s YouTube channel. They were filmed by WACM, and show the debate between Steve and Paul which I covered on an earlier blog post. The videos contain one anomaly which I’m sure is perfectly reasonable, but I’d just like to ask: why is Steve’s bit audio only? I know there were a few technical problems so I can understand a bit of editing, but why cut out the video altogether, especially when Steve used lots of video evidence? Paul’s part is there in it’s entirity, and Steve obviously has no problems with being identified as he’s sat there quite clearly on Paul’s segments. Can anyone form WACM help me out on this one?

Anyway, the point of this post is to ask this question: if 9/11 was a conspiracy, what difference would that make? Say George W. Bush crawls out of Crawford and holds his hands up saying “The Truthers were right all along, 9/11 was an inside job. We planted explosive in the Twin Towers and WTC7”. What would happen after that? What would it mean for the global conspiracy? What would it mean for the planet? Answers below please!


  1. Considering what has happened in the past with revelations of being misled by their government the US would say that it was “in the past”.

    Oliver North traded weapons and drugs to supply arms for illegal activity in Iran and Nicaragua. Now he presents a show on the History Channel.

    Henry Kissinger carpet bombed civilians in Cambodia. He went on to become a TV pundit.

    Overall it’s just pointless to try and “reveal” some secret from history (even recent history).

    So answering your question. Assuming that they have “gotten away with it” obsessing over the past events is to be honest pretty stupid (and even if someone would be persuaded of their version of history they’d realize nothing can be done about it). I think the 9-11 truthers believe that somehow what they know will galvanize the world into some kind of revolution. Which is their most insane idea of all.

    The real “truth” is that the only effective way to undermine or tackle the people in power. Is to stop them doing things in the present; not expose them in the past.

    If I were to think there was any conspiracy is that the 9-11 truth movement is a diversionary tactic to keep otherwise motivated people from tackling issues in the present day instead.

  2. Regarding the ‘Debate Videos’ and the fact that Steve opted for an audio only record of his presentation – this was his wish and we had to comply with his wishes or we would have had no permanent record of the event. We’ve tried to flesh out his audio with the actual videos that Steve used in his presentation, so not much is actually lost in the overall scheme of things. Not ideal, but we had to be as fair to peoples wishes as possible.

    When 911 is proven to be an ‘Inside Job’ (and it will be) it will hopefully awaken people not only to the corruption of government – but to the whole history of their manipulation and their manipulators. Gone will be the ridiculous shackles of the Left/Right paradigms which blinker the so-called radical political activists to who really is pulling the strings. The same string pullers who have controlled us all for thousands of years – unified by a blood and lineage which they think gives them divine right to enslave and control us to give them power. Once we are ALL aware of our real Masters and Controllers then we might be able to stop banging our respective heads against the wall blaming the symptoms and start attacking the Cancer.

  3. Kyle

    There would be more laws that prevent Goverment from abusing power but not prevent the goverment from overspending money.

    Anybody who doesn’t believe the government had any involvment have a *beam* in their eyes and do not know what they are talking about.

    Right before the Iraq War Bush kept holding off the invasion for almost half a year where he kept giving demands to Saddam and then kept stretching things out.

    Bush went thru several different dates.

    I believe Bush was sending Government agents to dismantle the illegal activity in Iraq during that whole time.

    • Tom

      “There would be more laws that prevent Goverment from abusing power but not prevent the goverment from overspending money.”

      Don’t governments make laws?

  4. John Doe

    It’s a good question, so what ?

    You have to face the fact that this world is full of lies. Our society is a lie. So, the neocons or whoever staged 9/11, went to war with Iraq … bla bla bla.

    All governments act like this – act against the people .. they just want to stay in power – that’s their agenda.

    And individually people are really screwed up. Looking back over 1000 of years, mankind is screwed up like you wouldn’t believe.

    So – what does that mean for you, a humble man, looking for truth ?

    One thing – reflect on this : the day you die the world is still going to be in trouble. You won’t be able to save it, or put a dent in it. The day you were born and the day you die, it’s all a mess.

    Don’t live and die fighting to change a world that won’t change. It might take ten thousand years for honesty to become the main currency of human life.

    What you can do is investigate your own life. Who are you ? What do you want ? Where are you going ? These things are valuable to you.

    But it’s a tragedy ? Yes, for sure. But so is human life individually and collectively. If you want to help investigate and understand your self deeply. Only when you are truly different can you offer anything to mankind.

  5. skeptico

    What is not being offered by any of the conspiracy theorists is why? What has changed in the USA or in the world that is such a dramatic shift in politics,restriction of freedoms, or constraints on the citizens that necessitated 911???I cannot see very much difference in our lives after 911.

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