wisdomofchopra.com has a smart new design!

wisdomofchorpa.com, a site that generates Deepak Chopra style pseudo-profound meaningless quotes, has had a major facelift thanks to the generous guys at peltenberg.eu. It’s certainly a vast improvement on my own design! Thanks guys, much appreciated! Go and check it out: wisdomofchopra.com

Staying out of the “Skeptidrama”

A few days ago I announced on Facebook that I was vowing to stay out of what has been dubbed as “skeptidrama”. For those of you who read that status update, the purpose of this post is simply to reiterate what I said on Facebook on my blog, so there is no need to point … [Read more…]

A video about myself

I thought I’d made a video about myself so that everyone can see what I look and sound like. In it, I explain how I got into skepticism, and how I operate in regards to criticism. Cheers!

Dealing with trolls

There is still much talk in the skeptical community about “trolls” and what to do with them, most notably from Sam Harris. For those of you not familiar with the concept of trolling allow me to give a short introduction. On the Internet, a “troll” is someone who makes comments on forums/blog posts etc with … [Read more…]