A video about myself

I thought I’d made a video about myself so that everyone can see what I look and sound like. In it, I explain how I got into skepticism, and how I operate in regards to criticism. Cheers!


  1. I liked the candid nature of that video. If you want feedback, then sort the lighting out 😉

    There have been many times when you and I have disagreed, and there are also times when we have agreed on various things. I think we have a certain mutual respect in that regard.

    I have never met you in person, just like I’ve never met other twitterers/skeptics in person, so the fact that I can get along with you and not others comes back to that mutual respect, and also the ‘tone’ you mention. On twitter, some people are automatically defensive and aggressive at the same time. Without taking time to really consider that a disagreement is often not a personal attack on them, and this is where half of twitter’s problem lies.

    Most of the arguments that stem from there could have been stopped if people took their long-running discussions to email where they can be expanded upon, rather than blocking each other and then making passive aggressive tweets about each other, further increasing the antagonism. Too many so-called reasoned thinkers resort to this, and it quite clearly creates cliques, echochambers, and polarised views of each other.

    Here’s my video (plug) where you can see my mannerisms, my way of speaking, and my thoughts on being an atheist. I bet some people will be surprised to see that I don’t foam at the mouth 😉

  2. Twitter is great for sharing links and “banter” but pretty much sucks for communicating issues of any depth. Earlier this year I wrote about a Responsive Design “summit” in London that led to a lot of backlash online. Twitter was the core medium for communicating the event to the public; it was “live tweeted” instead of video streamed or podcasted, and it as a result it failed to get across any of their key messages, and people perceived it as elitist ivory tower bollocks. The organizers were good guys and well intentioned, they just failed to communicate their intentions, which is ironic given they’re meant to be thought leaders in online communication.

    Anyway, yeah. The internet, eh lads / lassies?

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