Staying out of the “Skeptidrama”

A few days ago I announced on Facebook that I was vowing to stay out of what has been dubbed as “skeptidrama”. For those of you who read that status update, the purpose of this post is simply to reiterate what I said on Facebook on my blog, so there is no need to point out that I’m writing about skpetidrama, thanks! 🙂 My vow went as follows:

Have decided for good to stay out of the “skeptidrama”. There is so much more to skepticism than a few bloggers bickering. I don’t want to be a part of that any more, so please, if you see me talking about it tell me to STFU.

Of course, this leads to a really annoying Catch 22 situation where saying “I’m not going to talk about skeptidrama” is itself talking about skeptidrama. You can’t win!

If you don’t know what “skeptidrama” is, then good, you don’t want to know. Trust me, you really, really, don’t want to know. At first I thought getting involved would be a good idea. I mean, everyone involved is supposed to be a skeptic, so what harm could be done by pointing out the error of people’s ways? Quite a lot as it happens. You end up becoming a target yourself, and the more you try and resist it, the more you make yourself a target and you just go down in certain people’s opinions. I think it works in a very similar way to trolling, as it happens.

So, for me, there will be no more! I won’t be reading certain blogs, I won’t be engaging with certain people, I will just leave them to it. This is not something that comes natually to me, as I’m used to engaging with people, especially if they call themselves skeptics. So, if you see me engaging in “skeptidrama” after you’ve read this, then please, tell me to SHUT THE FUCK UP! Cheers! 🙂

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