QEDcon announces lower prices for next year!

Not only will the fantastic QED conference be back in Manchester next March, but the QED team today revealed that ticket prices will actually be lower than they were this year! A full ticket for the weekend will cost just £89 (cheaper for students) compared to £99 this year. I think that this is amazingly good value (TAM London take note) for what was a cracking weekend this year, just another reason why next year’s event is not to be missed! Tickets will be available to buy on the 29th of August, appropriately enough at 10:23am.

There is also a special rate for the hotel, with rooms available for £85 for a single and £95 for a double. I’m assuming that’s per night, and although it’s a pretty good rate for a top-quality hotel I’ll see if I can go for the hostel again. I really enjoyed the community atmosphere, but I think I’ll need to remember the ear plugs this time! Hope to see you all at QEDcon!

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