My Pod Delusion début alongside Sir David Attenborough!

Pod DelusionI’ve been looking for something to contribute to The Pod Delusion, and I thought that my take on Morrissey’s recent comments would be a good place to start. So, I recorded my piece, sent it in, and was later informed that it was good enough to be in the show! As if that wasn’t exciting enough for me, I listened to the podcast this morning to find myself sandwiched between a piece on Baroness Greenfield’s latest waffle by Martin Robbins (the science correspondent for The Guardian) and an interview with the one and only Sir David Attenborough talking about his latest project! Surely I am not worthy!

You can hear the podcast on the Pod Delusion website, and it’s also available on iTunes. Any comments on my piece are very much welcome!

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  1. Nice ‘bit’, even if I don’t agree with quite all of it 🙂

    Well done on contributing, I think it’s a great project that’s going from strength to strength, thanks to people like you.

    I’ve subscribed for a fiver a month, but would love to contribute by doing a segment at some point. No idea what it would be about though!

    Hope to hear more


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