Homeopathy: Brought to you by Big Pharma, Merck and Seven Seas

Combination a tissue salts

Combination "A" tissue salts, one of the many New Era homeopathic products from Seven Seas

One of the more common complaints from homeopaths and antivaxxers is that we skeptics are in the pockets of “Big Pharma”, who pay us to co-ordinate the 10:23 campaign against homeopathy. As an example, check out this email sent to 10:23 HQ, ingeniously sent from a work email address (ActewAGL Water Division take note).

While I wait for my next Big Pharma cheque, please take this into consideration: Merck, a pharmaceutical company with a turnover of 7.7 billion euros, owns vitamin company Seven Seas. Amongst their cod liver oil and multivitamins, you can find their New Era range. This range consists entirely of homeopathic products!

They are all based on Dr. Schuessler’s Nutritional Biochemic System of Medicine, which I believe to be a nineteenth century homeopathic text. So there we are homeopaths, a multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical company makes and sells homeopathy. Where do the homeopaths stand on that? If it’s acceptable for big pharma to make money with homeopathy, will they drop the ‘skeptics are funded by Big Pharma’ line? Or will they campaign against Merck? Homeopaths, comments please!


  1. Steelclaws

    At least one tissue salt nutcase who’s been screaming about Big Pharma suppression of homeopathy is now confused to say the least…

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