Not-a-Dr Gillian McKeith to be on “I’m a Celebrity…”!

Fake PhDWhen it comes to reality TV, I usually follow the Joe Cornish-inspired mantra “IACGMOOH, IACGMOOH, I do not watch it I’ve got better things to do”. However, I could well be watching “I’m a Celebrity” gleefully this year for just one reason: celebrity dump examiner Not-a-Dr Gillian McKeith will be amongst the contestants inhabiting the Australian jungle this year!

As far as I’m aware, the show involves the celebrities being voted by the public to undertake ‘bush tucker trials’, where the unfortunate victim has to complete a scary/dangerous/vomit-inducing task, otherwise the team goes hungry. Possibly the most famous example is ex-traitor Paul Burrell ripping his shirt off while the juices of a kangaroo’s testicle poured from his mouth. After what she’s done to various bloggers and scientists, who wouldn’t want to see Gillian McKeith suffer?

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