Morgan Spurlock with Mike Adams shock

I have a huge amount of respect for Morgan Spurlock. In his 2004 shoestring documentary “Supersize Me“, he famously ate nothing but McDonald’s food for 28 days in a row. The film charts his resultant ill health, and was a real eye-opener for anyone who uses the fast food industry.

So, imagine my shock and surprise when I learned from @gimpyblog on Twitter that Morgan Spurlock has teamed up with “Health Ranger” Mike Adams, everyone’s favourite testicle-obsessed antivax lunatic. They are involved in the “Raw for 30 days” program, in which participants are encouraged to eat nothing but uncooked, unprocessed “raw” foods in order to combat diabetes. You can see the Spurlock interview below:

However, I think it would be wrong to judge Morgan Spurlock straight away. You’ll notice in the video that he just talks about the ‘detox’ diet he went on after Supersize Me, where he cut out pretty much all processed food, caffeine, sugar etc, and ate lots of fruit and veg. Perfectly sensible after eating over 5,000 calories a day for a month! He does not mention a raw diet, and does not talk about Mike Adams or any kooky program. Could it be possible that Morgan Spurlock was innocently interviewed about his post-supersize diet, and Mike Adams has disingenuously included it in his latest propaganda?

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