Rosalind Florence Williamson

Wow, it’s been quite a fortnight in the Williamson household! For those that listen to the show, you’ll know that myself and Celia were expecting our first child, due on May 19th 2015. Well, after a routine checkup a couple of weeks ago, the doctors decided that our baby needed to be delivered early and Rosalind Florence Williamson was born the next day on March 11th 2015 and taken straight to the Special Care Baby Unit. So far she’s doing very well and Celia is absolutely fine! We visit her every day and we are incredibly grateful to all our friends and family who have supported us. Everyone at the Liverpool Women’s Hospital have been absolutely wonderful, and we are very lucky to live in a country with excellent socialised healthcare! Love the NHS.

In case you were wondering, Rosalind is named after Rosalind Franklin, a great scientist whose work was vital for the unraveling of the structure of DNA. Florence is the city where I proposed to Celia. Sorry if you are feeling a bit queasy right now!

Obviously my extra curricular projects such as the show and will have to wait for now, but I am planning on dropping in to so see you there!

Oh alright then, one picture of Rosalind!

Rosalind's first facepalm

Wisdom of Chopra is looking for a designer!

wisdom of chopraIt’s been just over a month since I launched and my word has it been nuts! About six weeks ago I was told that I was going to be made redundant from my previous web development job, and for some reason I thought to myself “right then, I’ll make a website this weekend!”. Naturally, I went on Twitter looking for inspiration, and came across a tweet suggesting that the words of one Deepak Chopra were indistinguishable from a selection of profound words randomly thrown together (I think it was the New Humanist account, but I’m not sure). Having had experience with making rather crude random sentence generators I thought I could fairly easily make a website which took the words of Chopra and stuck them together. After just two nights of hard graft, was born.

I really wasn’t expecting much from it, but I am still amazed by the response it has generated. In that initial weekend, it got over 20,000 hits! It has been fairly extensively and positively blogged about (including by PZ Myers, so he’s not all bad! 😉 ) and even ended up being used on the SGU podcast! I extended the site, adding a quiz to see if people could tell the difference between real Deepak Chopra quotes and those generated by the website. I think my proudest moment in this whole episode was trying the quiz out on an Indian ex-colleague who has actually read some of Chopra’s books, he only managed three out of seven before angrily giving up! As I write this, there have so far been 28,578 responses to the quiz, of which 19,131 have been correct. That means that just 66.92% of the responses have been correct. If any statisticians are reading this, could you tell me if that is significant or not?

To take it to the next level, I really need a web designer to take a look at Could you take the website and make it look really good? Although I’m quite good at programming (I got another web dev job pretty much straight away in case you are wondering) my design skills are rather lacking. I can’t offer that much in the way of pay (well, maybe something), but you’ll certainly be credited on the site and it will look good on your CV. So, if you are a web designer at any level, please get in touch!

I’m back!

Well, sort of. I’m writing this from work, but if all goes well tonight I’ll be back to my sporadic best in no time!

So, what’s been going on? Well, what hasn’t been going on! The big news from my end is that myself and my girlfriend have moved into our first house, hence lack of an Internet connection. We are settling in well, thanks to everyone who helped us move! In the meantime I put together the site, a site which generates random Deepak Chopra style quotes. It has had a crazy amount of attention, go and check it out if you haven’t yet!

I also just can’t stop getting involved. I’ve recently had a Twitter spat with PZ Myers, but more on that later…