See you at Skepticamp and QED 2016!

qedlogoQEDcon, the biggest skeptical weekend of the year, is very nearly upon us and boy am I excited! The main event is sold out, which means over 600 skeptics from all over the world in one place. I can’t wait to see everyone, especial people who I have befriended on social media and finally get to meet in real life!

Before the main event is the Skepticamp, a series of short talks starting at 11am on the Friday. I’ll be there giving a talk about the slightly unusual story of so it would be great to see you there!

Sadly, due to the quagmire that is British politics, this could be one of the last QEDs where the UK is still in the European Union. I tried my best to get people to vote remain, I really did, so as a nod of apology to my European neighbours I’ve had a t shirt printed which features the word “sorry” translated into all 24 EU languages. I’ve used Google translate and I’ve already been told the Finnish is wrong, so I’m packing a couple of Sharpies so people can make corrections!

Really looking forward to seeing everyone, should be a barnstorming weekend!

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