Sally Morgan’s fans react to her apologising for her husband

It’s not been a good week for Sally Morgan, otherwise known as Britain’s best loved psychic. A video has emerged where skeptic campaigner Mark Tilbrook is confronted by Sally’s husband and tour manager John Morgan, and later her son-in-law and tour manager Daren. If you are going to watch the video below then brace yourself, it’s pretty nasty homophobic stuff:

In case you can’t (or just haven’t) watched the video, I’ve transcribed a few ‘highlights’.

0:52 JM: “I am gonna knock you out one day, because you are a nuisance.”

1:03 JM: “One day, you’re gonna be lifted, and you’ll disappear somewhere.”

1:33 JM: “But you’re a prat, and I’m losing my temper because I’m gonna knock you out sooner or later. So fuck off before I do you”

And then the homophobic stuff begins:

3:10 JM “You know, you look pale. Are you on drugs or has someone shagged you too much? One of your boyfriends been up your arse?”

3:42: JM (referring to skeptic meetings) They’re all gay. They’re all gay.”

Hopefully that gives you some idea of the contents of the video. Sally Morgan Enterprises has since apologised. Well, they have “apologised for any offence caused”, which of course isn’t the same thing. Some of her fans have their own ideas. I’ve been on the Sally Morgan Facebook page and tried to inform people of where they can not only watch the video, but also read the leaflets that Mark Tilbrook was attempting to hand out. Sadly, my comments (as well as pretty much any comments from other skeptics) have been deleted and I have been banned from the page. Only pro-Sally comments are tolerated there, and many go so far as to excuse John Morgan’s behaviour. Now, Sally Morgan’s Facebook page is public and the comments are there for all to see, but I believe in protecting people’s identities so I’ve blanked out names and faces. Here are a few samples:






That last one is an example where Mark’s cognitive faculties are called into question. Here are a few more:




As you might have noticed, the spelling and grammar on this page is not up to a particularly high standard (I doubt Mark Tilbrook came after Sally Morgan with a tub of margarine). Here’s a fan wishing Sally would resurrect her career as a TV pig farmer:


At least all is not lost. One Sally fan is aware that she has been asked to take a test:
not lost

And to finish, here’s something that puts everything into perspective.

really sad


  1. Peter Robinson

    There has indeed been some major censorship on the Facebook page. Yesterday morning there were plenty of comments from previous fans of Morgan e.g. cancelling show tickets and really giving John Morgan a hard time, but they all seem to have miraculously disappeared now.

    Also, the ‘apology’ is, as you point out, pretty thin. They lie about Police being called to move Mark on. As he states this never happened.

    The suggestion that John Morgan acted out of character is laughable. Anyone who can spew out that stream of invective does not just suddenly switch from being a mild mannered lovely chap. What is clear is that he is desperate to protect his cash COW, and that they have no better defence than attack.

  2. Hi Tom, thanks for the article, I’ve been following the fb fallout too. I love the phrase “so called Mark Tilbrook”… classic.
    All the best, yours in reason, Philip

  3. moira

    Ha. I wonder how long this will stay up?! They deleted loads at 6.30 am. Love the sows and stork comments. The fans’ writing is,on the whole,terrible. They clearly are uneducated and will defend Sally whatever she does. Sally puts up all these cute doggy and hubby pics in order to manipulate these deluded fans. The whole family are cunning,devious and raking it in. All for the benefit of mankind. Not!

  4. Every time I read the apology I come away with the impression that they are sorry about the adverse publicity, and pretty much nothing else.

    Someone described the likes of Morgan as “grief vampires”. Very apt.

  5. Jacob

    I looked in earlier and noticed a number of comments claiming that either Mark or someone affiliated had previously made death threats against Sally. At this point they’re literally making this stuff up out of thin air, hopefully that’s clear to any undecided or uninformed people reading the page.

  6. Elspeth

    You know, as an American in our current political climate, I sometimes feel like my country and its people have cornered the market on stupidity and asshattery. This somehow gives me grim satisfaction in knowing we aren’t alone in these particular endeavors.

  7. Daniel

    Luckily Twitter is still very active in condemnation, all they can do in there is delete their account and none of the tweets. All my comments on Facebook lasted around an hour and then I was finally blocked this afternoon. I did suggest on twitter that they leave a few negative comments on Facebook so at least it’s not that obvious they are deleting them all. I fear they may be a little simple though.

  8. Ayshen Irfan

    To be perfectly honest, I think people are missing the bigger picture. What they did to this man was completely wrong and they should be facing a court case. But why did they do it? It’s known widely that people react in extreme ways when a nerve has been struck and this man clearly struck a nerve. Sally Morgan clearly only employs her “loyal” family because, for one, they will always stand by her side, and secondly they are not a big corporation so they can say what they like without being afraid of the publicity. This entire regime is somewhat insestious and disturbing. All of this added to the fact that they make a horrific amount of money from other people’s grief should be a crime within itself. If this does not get noticed by people then this blind following of hers will only progress and worsen. This is all manipulation and inhuman. Things like this need to be shared around! It is completely unacceptable!

  9. Brad Johnson

    “She is very upset by the events, does not condone any of the behaviour and can only assume that this was the cause of persistent hounding that lead to this altercation.”

    So according to this sentence, from the apology, her husband’s behavior is what cause Mr. Tilbrook’s “hounding” and thus, the altercation. Interesting.

  10. Honestly, all of this he-said she-said and forming of factions just doesn’t really get me going any more. The media has been doing this so much that they’ve desensitized us.

    But what does get me going here is the censorship. Trying to make dissenters disappear is an ancient practice, and this practice has never been very successful, nor has it ever been seen as politically correct by outside parties. Human Rights Watch has posted countless cases of censorship on their site, because it is a violation of Human Rights. The only difference here is that this censorship is by a company on social media, not an oppressive government/occupying force.

    Thinking about it, this is more like when workers unions began appearing in the Industrial Revolution. The companies attempted to silence and intimidate the unions, but in the end, the unions won because they were working to make lives better, while the companies were just trying to rake in as much cash as possible.

    As an artist, censorship really gets me going. Even when its “just” removing foul language from music, it infuriates me.

  11. “I doubt Mark Tilbrook came after Sally Morgan with a tub of margarine”

    Perhaps that is what they think gay people do? ;0)

    I read comments on Sally’s facebook page. I was also struck by the poor spelling and grammar used by her supporters. It does make you wonder about their mental faculties.

    One comment by a fellow “psychic” said “I am a little worried that the profession is being brought into disrepute”. I think she is about 100 years too late on that one!

  12. Jerry

    She has just announced that she has sacked her husband and son-in-law. Bet she didn’t see that coming… What a dreadful human being.

  13. Peter Robinson

    Just seen this comment on The Guardian piece about Sally Morgan sacking her husband and son in law. Maybe it’s an old idea, but have not seen before and liked it so thought I would share:

    Laughing_Gravy Saltycroc

    15 October 2014 10:34am

    “Did ‘Psychic Sally’ not see this coming?”

    apparently not. maybe her powers are failing, a bit like a footballer who’s ‘legs go’ once they’re well past their best.

    i’ve often thought that there’s a very simple exercise that these people could go through, to prove their bona fides once and for all.

    all psycho sally, or any of her peers, needs to do is agree to be locked indefinitely into a secure cell. the cell would have an electronic lock, inside and out, and the release code would be a 20 digit alphanumeric sequence, which itself would be written on the outside of the door.

    all sally need to do is call up one of her ‘people’, from the other world, and have them read the release code to her, which she types in, opens the door, and is then handed a licence proving her credentials, and from that pooint on everyone knows she’s for real.

    what could possibly go wrong ?

    So, let’s see what could go wrong? Or, more importantly, what are the exuses as to why this would not be valid. My starter for 10:

    “It doesn’t work like that.”

  14. Are you people insane? Are you actually defending the behavior of a pair of Aggressive Bullies all because this man was standing outside handing out leaflets? All this Legal, Lawsuit ‘I have More Money that you’. Need I remind you, this money comes from your wife’s work with the Grieving and Afraid? If they were calling him a N word would you all be so calm about their behavior?I am an Intuitive Clairvoyant. I work my ass off making sure my gift and myself are represented in a Humble, and Professional Manner. I charge very little for my readings and nothing at all for anything else. My clients get me for 5 days after a reading because I like to make sure they walk away from my readings without any questions or confusion. This man was well within his rights to hand out Leaflets. He wasn’t accosting anyone. He wasn’t being abusive. He is entitled to his opinion. Sally Morgan has been in trouble before with allegations of being fed information through her ear piece at shows in Ireland, and her shows are filled with her and her Morbidly Obese Gluttonous Husband shopping and eating, with edited down glimpses of her shows. She rarely does a show without people walking out. I have had dozens of people tell me they have left her shows half way through because it was like watching someone pull teeth when she wasn’t getting any hits. I understand better than anyone how hard it is to have people take your seriously but John and that Son in Law sounded like Gangsters. Threatening him with physical violence because he was handing out pieces of paper. Nothing more. He wasn’t even on the same side as the Theater she was appearing in. If you think he did a good thing ‘Defending his wife’ from a man who was armed with Information who quietly stood on the other side of the road then you all need to be done as Accessories to Insight Violence. Because what they did was disgusting. We live in a Democracy people. Freedom of Speech. He was hurting no one. If he was doing it to me I would of invited him in to talk about his views. Try and get him to see it from my side. Let me ask you something? Because they were making homophobic threats you find it all acceptable. If this man was a woman and they threatened to rape her would that of been okay? If he had of been Black and they threatened to lynch him would that of been okay? I hope and pray none of you are allowed near the public because it is people like you that let Jews go off in those nice trains, and send your sons and husbands off to illegal wars. I am sorry that this happened to you Mark Tibrook. As a Spiritual person who does good work for little to no profit I am ashamed that people like this are out there representing and clearly feasting and in Johns case gorging off the earnings of the grieving and confused. Your entitled to your opinions as I am mine. As they are also, but some peoples opinions are just plain wrong. It scares me to think that there are people out there who think it is okay to act in this manner. I for one would invite you to look at my work. Have an open civilized discussion and maybe a cup of tea and a bikky as intelligent, informed human beings. get out your White Sheets Supporters, it’s time to go do what you do best. And in the name of God no less.

  15. Roy

    S0 many negative vibrations with so many people here.
    let those without sin cast the first stone. all this negativity creates blackspots around our world and creates wars and disharmony. can you imagine how much better this world would be, if you just used all that wasted energy to think good of people, to let them make their own life in this world. Man the sun would shine everyday and smiles would be everywhere.

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