Channel 5 airs atrocious “Did we land on the Moon?” conspiracy documentary

Moon flag

Did we land on the Moon? Yes. Yes we did.

I’ve just spent the last hour launching a furious diatribe on Twitter having sat through one of the worst pieces of television it has ever been my misfortune to witness. Channel 5 have just broadcast a “documentary” (and I use the term very loosely) asking “Did we land on the Moon?”. They trotted out the same tired old arguments, let me just run through a few of them:

  • How could the flag fly if there was no atmosphere? – They had a pole running through the flag
  • How come shadows appeared at different angles? – Perspective. The moon is quite big.
  • How could they have used those chest-mounted cameras? – They practised before they went.


I could go on, but pretty much every Moon hoax conspiracy has been debunked many times on However, this program went far beyond the usual shite, and got pretty damn sickening. In 1967, the Apollo 1 mission ended in tragedy when three astronauts (Gus Grissom, Edward H. White and Roger B. Chaffee) died in a cabin fire. A terrible accident? Not according to the documentary. They went so far as to ask if the three astronauts could have been killed because they “knew too much”. Unbelieveable. I find that this kind of lazy sensationalism an afront to the memory of those brave, pioneering heroes.

I also find it incredibly distasteful of Channel 5 to broadcast such a shoddy and morally bereft program about the Moon just days after the death of Patrick Moore. If you really want to watch “Did we land on the Moon?” the page for the program on Channel 5’s website can be found here. There is talk on Twitter of complaining about the program to Ofcom. I don’t know what the grounds for complaint would be but I will certainly consider it.

At least Brian Cox has the right idea.


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  1. Andy

    Channel 5 repeated this abysmal documentary last night. It was trailed as representing both sides of the argument – but it was utterly one-sided in favour of the hoax theory. It was filled with pseudo-scientific twaddle that an GCSE science pupil could refute (and which has been utterly debunked over the last 30 years). This kind of nonsense is nurturing a generation of ignorant conspiracy-obsessed nitwits and is definitely worth a complaint to OFCOM. My complaint will be submitted later today. The accusation of murder against NASA is grounds enough.

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