In support of the Merseyside Skeptics Society Psychic Challenge

This weekend, the Merseyside Skeptics Society held their annual Halloween Psychic Challenge at Goldsmith’s College, London. I think the challenge is a great idea, and I for one am eagerly awaiting the results on the 31st. However, some aren’t so keen, and have had a bit of a dig at the society and skeptic societies in general. I’ve made a car vid talking about these concerns. Enjoy!


  1. Also worth pointing out that John Jackson NEVER said MSS was 2 blokes with a blog, he actually said that some of these societies that have popped up in recent years (in general) are 2 blokes with a blog!

    And he is right in that respect

    Also slightly disappointed that you never touched upon the fact that MSS used the names of a few famous psychics without officially inviting them. In other words their names were used 100% purely for the purpose of getting publicity.

    Bit like me acting all smug when Madonna doesn’t turn up to my “Madonna is a slag” party, after I invited her by posting a comment on a fan site asking her to come. And when she doesn’t turn up, acting all superior as if to say she must be a slag cause she never turned up.

    MSS do a lot of good things, they also do a lot of very stupid and self damaging things, which unfortunately a lot of naive skeptics lap up and follow, just like a believer would follow the word of a psychic. Many parallels to be seen here if you delve deep enough

    • Tom

      The “two blokes with a blog” comment (whoever said it) really annoys me because it’s belittling to skeptic groups everywhere. I’ve spoken at several skeptic groups and each one is trying and succeeding to build a community. It’s been incredibly empowering for me to feel part of something where I’m accepted, and where I can make countless new friends who have the same interests and goals that I do. So, I might get a bit riled if anyone chooses to dismiss skeptic societies as “two blokes with a blog”!

      As for your comments about big name psychics, I’m honestly not that fussed, they can invite and test who they like.

  2. Morven

    My beef is not that so-called psychics are either deluded or frauds, it’s the amount of money the latter (and sometimes the former) squeeze out of vulnerable people…which makes my blood boil. Same thing about homeopathy, which is also a modern con.

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