A drinking game for skeptics!

The other night a group of us went out in Liverpool to celebrate my immenent 30th birthday. I had a great time and I’d like to thank everyone who turned up! Andrew Johnston, the Merseyside Skeptics Society board member we affectionately refer to as “AJ” (pronounced “Adj”), came up with a skeptic-based drinking game that was great fun to play, so I thought I’d share the rules to it here so you can play it with skeptics where you are. I’ve tweaked the rules a little, simply because AJ’s rules were quite specific to myself, so here we go:

It’s a varient of the “name game”, where each person in turn has to say a name where the first letter of the first name starts with the first letter of the last name that the person before said. You have to think while you drink, and if you can’t think of a name you can pass but you have to drink. If someone says a name where the first and last name start with the same letter, the order changes. In our skeptics version, the names you can say are skeptics, scientists and anti-skeptics. Here’s the twist: if someone says a name and one of the players has been blocked by that person on Twitter, then everyone has to drink! So, here’s an example:

  • James Randi
  • Richard Dawkins
  • Dan Dennett (change order)
  • Dana Ullman (everyone drinks!)

We were getting a bit desperate at one point, allowing “Heinrich Himmler” as an anti-skeptic! Still, I had fun with this game, so why not give a go? Enjoy!


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