Myself, Lee Christie, Tannice Pendegrass, Trish Hann, Alex Gabriel and Rhys Morgan discuss day two of QEDCon 2012, a weekend conference of science and skepticism. Highlights included talks by Edzard Ernst, Ian Ridpath, D.J. Grothe, Maryam Namazie and Joe Nickell. Looking forward to QEDCon 2013! The QEDCon theme is copyright Miltion Mermikides and is used with permission.

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  1. On my iPad. Assuming this won’t work?

  2. Working now I’m on the MacBook.

    I agree about the SITP bit. They all seem to be dying/dead except a few.

    Bristol SITP is epically uneventful.

  3. One more thing, Cherry Black, you can never have too many talks on religion/God/secularism. It’s SUCH an important issue and needs to be repeated, repeated, repeated, until it permeates public consciousness into public policy. Removing religious privilege is something most skeptics, if not all, would agree with.

    Ghost hunting and loch ness monsters are very much “meh” and a far less significant issue, so talks on those are mostly just filler.

  4. IPadio is a Flash thing, so it won’t work on the iPad. You should be able to get these in iTunes by searching for QEDCon.

  5. Hullo!

    I’m the ‘benevolent dictator’ / spammer organiser of Aberdeen Skeptics in the Pub.. our events are still going strong (have been for about a year and a half now) and we get around 40 people at each one.. can see us online here –

  6. Also, by saying “filler” talks, I do mean they’re interesting and valid, but not to the level of religious action and promoting secularism.

  7. I’m sory, but has anyone else pointed out the irony that iPadio doesn’t work on iPad?

  8. I think a greater irony is being treated like a leper for not bowing to some of the popular/famous/whiny skeptics. I thought free speech and criticism was allowed.

  9. *Rebecca Watson in particular.

  10. Well I personally like Rebecca, but I agree that we don’t inherantly have to all have the same opinions or bow down to anyone.

  11. I don’t dislike her, but do sometimes disagree with her, as is natural. Unfortunately, when publically disagreeing with her gets you abused, I think her ‘fame’ gives her a certain “privilege” which is so ironic it hurts.

  12. I agree Tony. Don’t get me started on Rebecca Watson! I’ve thought for awhile of writing about the pseudo-feminist logical fallacies you get on Skepchick, like “woman have been oppressed for thousands of years, therefore they can’t be sexist (non sequitur)” or “you are a privileged, white, overeducated western man (ad hominem)”, but that would be a distraction from proper, scientific-orientated debate. Having said that, it’s difficult to ignore…

  13. This:
    and this:

    got me blocked on twitter, the skepchick facebook page, and unfollowed/blocked by other skepchick contributors. Sigh.

  14. Do you agree with Rebecca now that she’s admitted all her faults?

  15. Oh I see, it’s an April Fools thing. That’s ignorable then.

  16. My comment on that post probably won’t get past moderation. Or, if it does, my lack of laughs at Watson’s crap humour will undoubtedly make me a misogynist.

  17. I thought it was an April Fools when she said she listened to someone.

  18. There was only really one aspect of the elevatorgate think that I took issue with, and it was a rather tangential point that the community latched on to, I eventually gave up on it when it became clear everyone disagreed with me. I figure there’s something I’m missing because of my privilege. *shrug* Oh well.

  19. If you look at the 2nd video on my post (the one where Dr. Jean Kazez gives the background) It really helps clarify the issue and show Watson up for what she is. A dramatic attention seeker.

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