Presenting the Dana Ullman Button!

Strangely for a skeptic blog, I’ve yet to write anything about one Dana Ullman. In case you haven’t come across him before, Dana is a homeopath whose misleading, catty and disingenuous remarks in defence of his profession on Twitter and various blogs are legendary. Such exchanges inspired Kimball Atwood over at Science Based Medicine to coin the Dulll-Man law:

In any discussion involving science or medicine, being Dana Ullman loses you the argument immediately…and gets you laughed out of the room.

Now you may think that’s a tad unfair, but believe me if you get into a conversation with Dana Ullman his contempt for both science and general discussion etiquette will either make you laugh or fly into a blind rage. I do miss my Twitter exchanges with the D’Ullman, but sadly he’s blocked me!

Anyway, as an extension to the Dull-Man law (and a test of my programming skills) I’ve come up with a little toy which you can use to automatically react to any piece of writing by Dana Ullman. Here is what I recommend. Open up his Twitter page, and every time you read a tweet, make sure you’ve got your sound turned up and click on the button below:

If you want to put this button on your site, you should (touch wood) be able to copy the HTML code below and paste it into your site:


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