Jim Humble renames Miracle Mineral Solution

My personal highlight of TAM London 2010 was Rhys Morgan receiving an award for his campaign against Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS). In case you don’t already know, Miracle Mineral Solution is nothing but a 28% solution of sodium chlorite. Users are instructed to mix it with citric acid. This produces chlorine dioxide, a powerful industrial bleach. Of course, drinking bleach is a very bad idea, and government agencies such as the FDA are coming down hard on MMS.

The inventor of MMS, one Jim Humble, has decided to slightly rename MMS to MASTER Mineral Solution (my emphasis). He may have done this to try and throw off the FDA, but how stupid does he think they are? He may at least have clocked on to the fact that science doesn’t deal in ‘miracles’ (sorry ICP), but to me, the word ‘master’ sounds pretty ominous. This quote from Humble is particularly chilling:

“Someday, hopefully soon, there will be dozens of master minerals and MMS will just be one of a line up of Master Minerals. Until that time comes, however, MMS remains the most important mineral known to the human race.”

That suggests he has more in the pipeline. Who knows what toxic substances he will sell to vulnerable people next? Don’t be fooled people. Jim Humble knows exactly what he is doing. MMS needs to be eradicated, whether it’s called Miracle Mineral Solution or Master Mineral Solution. One question: why isn’t Jim Humble (or perhaps Jim Scumball) in prison?

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  1. Marian

    Why isn’t he in prison? That is something you should think about. If MMS was so dangerous, he would certainly be prosecuted.

    Before you write rubbish like this, you should do some research. You would then learn that MMS is not a 28% solution of sodium chorite (did you find it in Wikipedia?), but a 0.00004% solution. Any chemical in the world is poisonous in large amounts. Even oxygen that you’re breathing right now. BTW, vinegar is an industrial bleach too.

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