Ep61 – with apologies to the President of Fiji – Skeptic Canary Show

skeptic canary show logoIt’s the second episode of the new podcast format, and we are jam-packed with features! Ash Pryce joins us on the show this week with a feature of his very own.

Congratulations to Emma McClure who won our first competition! This week we want to know about your experiences with street preachers. What are the best things you’ve heard from them? How did you respond? Send your entries to tom@skepticcanary.com for a chance to win a copy of Jon Ronson’s latest book.

On the show this week we have:

  • Dr Geraint Parry’s Science Update – Geraint keeps us updated on the genome sequencing of Darwin’s finches
  • Paul’s Coffee Morning: the subject this week is faeries!
  • Ash Pryce’s Cabinet of the Intransigently Bizarre – in the cabinet this week is medium Helen Duncan
  • The Quandary – should vaccines be mandatory?
  • Flag News – Fiji will have a new flag!

Enjoy, and don’t forget to tell us about your experiences with street preachers!