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As you may know, our daughter Rosalind was born 10 weeks early on March 11th 2015. Everyone at the Liverpool Women’s Hospital did an absolutely fantastic job and she is now safely home. The least I can do is try and raise some money for the hospital, so to donate to my “Ignite Liverpool Flag … buy provigil online overnight

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After an unintentionally long 6 month hiatus, the Skeptic Canary Show is back! The format has changed, so it is now a straightforward pre-recorded podcast. No longer an hour-long unedited chat, the show now has features, jingles, stings and even a competition! Search for ‘skeptic canary’ on iTunes or listen right here on Listen … buy provigil by cephalon

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It’s not been a good week for Sally Morgan, otherwise known as Britain’s best loved psychic. A video has emerged where skeptic campaigner Mark Tilbrook is confronted by Sally’s husband and tour manager John Morgan, and later her son-in-law and tour manager Daren. If you are going to watch the video below then brace yourself, it’s pretty nasty … ">buy provigil cephalon

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Some time ago I created, a site that generates random Deepak Chopra-style quotes. In case you aren’t aware, Deepak Chopra is a new age guru famous for interspersing his sentences with the word “quantum”. I thought it would be fun to make a random phrase generator based on words from his Twitter feed, thus … buy provigil overnight delivery

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The Skeptic Canary Show returns this Wednesday June 25th and our guest will be Leo Igwe. Leo has been the Western and Southern African representative to IHEU, the International Humanist and Ethical Union, and has worked as a human rights advocate in Nigeria. His work includes campaigning against and document child witchcraft allegations. As always, … buy provigil india