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  1. Lindsay

    Reserpine does pass into breast milk suggesting a degree of lipophillicity and so may well be bioavailable when administered via a topical patch, such as this is. It’s use as an anti-hypertensive is very mucky as it has the side effect of causing catecholamine depletion in the nervous system. This spawned the amine theory of depression, as patients treated with reserpine for their high blood pressure became depressed. It is not licensed in the UK because of this issue. Outside of hypertension it has a limited use in complex mental health disorders.

    The stated concentration of the patch is 0.01 mg per disc. Whether this can have an effect depends on the bioavailability of reserpine through the skin (and I doubt very much that absorption and blood plasma levels have been studied).

    Oral resperpine has a bioavailability of around 50%, with active doses in the range of 0.1 – 0.25 Mg (US Pharmacopoaeia). For children, there is experience of using from 20 ug/kg up to 0.25 mg daily. So the disc is 1/10 of the strength of the lowest dose oral tablet.

    Hmmmmmmmm. Seems plausible. Not that it would treat autism. But plausible that in children this dose would be enough to invoke catecholamine depletion and therefore induce sedation and/or a state of anhedonia, apathy and motivational loss – depression.

    But as the company haven’t bothered to do any dose-response or absorption/bioavailability studies, who can say? So relieved that British drug licensing laws and NHS procurement limits this kind of thing.

    FDA information can be found here: order provigil online uk

    No UK info unfortunately, due to the lack of license.

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